Cross the friend zone

What are you afraid of?

About Us

Do you like someone you know or have a secret crush?  Do you have a friend but wish they were more?  Do you wonder if your feelings are mutual but don’t want to ruin the friendship by taking that risk?   We have all been there and we are here to help.

You can use us to send that special someone an anonymous private message letting them know you are out there. If you want, you can give them a hint too and point them in the right direction. We will ask them to sign up and add the person they have feelings for. If it’s you, we will let you both know and wish you the best of luck going forward.

Try us out and start dating people you do know now.

How it Works

1. Register and add the email of the person you secretly admire.

2. They receive an anonymous message indicating they have a secret admirer.

3. They register and you can start chatting anonymously.

4. They like you too and add your email hoping you are the secret admirer.

5. A match is made and we reveal the identities to each other.

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