Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

If you like someone you know, you can contact them and give them a hint without ever revealing who you are.   Just sign up, enter their email address, and you can send them a hint.  If they sign up too and enter your email, you will both get an email from us letting you know that love in in the air.  Simple!

Is this free?

Yes, it is completely free!

Is this private?

This is totally private.   You only need an email and a password to sign up, no names required.  We don’t share information with anyone.

What if I am receiving emails at an email address I don’t want to use?

Someone like you through a work email? Want to keep it clean?  Just respond to your admirer and ask them to use an email address of your choosing.

What is the difference between a hint and a matchup message?

When you like someone, you can leave them a hint and a matchup message.   A hint helps them figure out who you are and is sent as soon as initial contact is made, it’s anonymous.   A matchup message is only sent once there is a match and all parties are identified.

Can I block someone?

Had enough admiration for now?  No problem.  You can block and unblock as you wish.  It’s up to you.